Mettalic Tattoos on the Beach 

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Loved wearing my flashy metallic tattoos on the beach from @hpdalva @hpdwoodward #thankyou #HPD


Pop a Bottle & DIY

Ever wonder how you could use those “little” things, such as wine corks, after you get done using them? Traveling HPD has collected a slew of wine corks over the past few months and we have the coolest ideas (thank you pinterest) that you can do to craft your own, original wine cork craft! Purchase our wine corks in store at the Woodward location. 

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Elks Rodeo Week

If you’ve shopped with us or read our blogs, you know by now that we are crazy people. Like CRAZY! Our favorite CRAZY summer sale is the Elks Rodeo Sale Week and we go all out at HPD! Check out our favorite cowgirl styled outfits! 

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